Missioon | Vision | Core Values


To be an effective regulator of the general insurance industry in Papua New Guinea

1.To ensure that more than Papua New Guineans individuals, families and businesses will have access to insurance services and products 

2.To Make Papua New Guinea a center for insurance in the Oceania region

Our Mission

Regulate and grow the general insurance industry to foster socio-economic growth and safeguard the beneficiaries.

1.To develop a responsible and progressive general insurance industry that forms and important component of the financial sector.

2.To develop a strong, viable and competitive insurance industry capable of serving Papua New Guinea’s insurance needs.

3.To ensure that insurance plays a significant role in enabling Papua New Guinea citizens and businesses recover from their losses; and

4.To provide advice to the Government, General Insurance industry and other stakeholders in an open and transparent manner


People are our most valuable resource in fulfilling our roles and commitment to work effectively is based on six core values..

1.Leadership -We provide direction,enforcement,apply influence, demonstrate sound management, having a willingness to lead, demonstrate ability and competence, show decisiveness and are firm and fair.

2.Integrity -We have a good reputation, are reliable, have credibility, are trustworthy and show commitment.

3.Honesty -We are open and fair,we keep our word and we’re up-front,true and royal.

4.Respect -We show openness,have values and virtue

5.Cooperation-We work as a team and strive and strive to be knowledgeable and achieve timely outcomes.

6.Responsibility -We have a sense of duty,obligation and commitment,we take action,are efficient,have dedication and take accountability.